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Party Catering Services

Catering by Design provides party catering services outside the home, but if you are planning a dinner party or holiday celebrations at home, we’ll be there!

Perhaps you are unsure of the venue. We can make recommendations in-line with you budget, number of attendees and entertainment preferences. In fact, our party catering services encompass much more than food. Of course that is important, but by using Catering By Design we can orchestrate everything from décor to desserts. Our party event coordinators are part of the offering.

No Hassles, Just Delicious Food and Service

Catering By Design loves to deliver surprise parties, but we never deliver a surprise bill. You will know what you are spending and we eliminate the possibility of nasty surprises like unexpected expenses that show up on the final bill, but never appeared on the costing sheet.

Your personal party catering coordinator arranges for everything (decorations, entertainment, accommodations, food, beverages, desserts – everything) and creates an itemised account with all costs so you know exactly what the party costs. Imagine that, just ONE bill!


We have a number of menus loaded with popular catering party food selection, but if you have some ideas of your own, we can help you make the best choices for your budget and theme. Your Catering By Design team knows the menu is the centerpiece of your successful event. Relax and let us do the food preparation and presentation for you.

Party Security

Sometimes the excitement of holding or attending a party can overshadow sensible practices and in today’s very social world, word of your celebration can become viral.

Catering By Design follows the recommendations of SHOROC – the Regional Organisation of Councils incorporating Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah Councils. We also recommend parents become familiar with the tips and information provided in the ‘No Regrets’ Safe Party Pak available from the local councils’ youth workers.

Ensure you register your party with the local police 7 days before the event. You should ask for a party registration form when asking for your ‘No Regrets’ Safe Party Pak.

To assist you in making your party safe, Catering By Design will require:

  • A list of guests so each name is checked off on arrival
  • Guests over 18 years of age will be expected to wear an arm ban to identify they are of legal drinking age
  • Only 1 drink per person can be ordered at the bar as a safeguard to prevent underage guests obtaining alcohol
  • Prior to serving each drink, guests will be assessed and, if deemed to be intoxicated, service will be refused
  • Any guest seen obtaining alcohol for a minor will be refused service

Catering By Design is proud of its safe party record and every member of the team works hard to prevent problems from arising. All bar staff are highly trained and experienced in the responsible service of alcohol.

We will help you make your party safe.

Above and Beyond

Catering By Design party catering services includes assistance in all aspects of your event. Allow us to coordinate additional items and services you may need, such as tableware, linens and decor, specialty foods (kosher, vegan, gluten free), beverage orders, entertainment and detailed consulting for seamless planning and execution.

Call us directly at (02) 9997 5555 to learn more about our party catering services.

Catering by Design
Catering by Design
Catering by Design
Catering by Design
Catering by Design
Catering by Design
Catering by Design
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